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Label Printers

Go-label offers a wide-range of labels printers including thermal-transfer, direct-thermal, and ink jet printers along with Legitronic Labeling Software for building labels and Zebra printer repair parts kits. Shipping is FREE! We also carry a wide range of Epson replacement ink cartridges for the C3400, C3500, C7500 and C831 color ink jet label printers.

Zebra Printers Epson Color Printers Sato Label Printers

Zebra High-Performance Thermal Label Printers
Take a look at all the available Zebra printers including the Zebra ZT600, ZT200, and ZT400 Series Thermal Printers plus the G Series thermal desktop printers. All printers include FREE Shipping!

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Epson C6500 ink jet label printer
Epson Color Inkjet Label Printers and Replacement Cartridges
Choose from the Epson C3400 and C3500 with continuous roll labels, the C831 for wide-format, pinfed GHS labels, the high-resolution C6500 or the high-speed C7500 and C7500G ink jet label printers that can print and rewind labels for your production needs. FREE Shipping on all printers!

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Sato High-Performance Thermal Label Printers
Explore the new Sato CLNX4 and CLNX6 printers that feature a 3.5" color LCD screen along with many user-friendly features. All printers include FREE Shipping!

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Unwinders/Rewinders Neuralabel Ink Jet Printers Labeling Software
Weber GLR100 Rewinder
Label Unwinders & Rewinders
The GLR-100 Power Rewinder and the GLU-100 Power Unwinder let you preprint your labels using just about any thermal-transfer or direct thermal label printer and wind them for later use.
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Neuralabel Color Inkjet Label Printers and Replacement Cartridges
The NeuraLabel 300x is a high-speed, high resolution printer for on-demand GHS compliant, color label printing. Built on advanced HP PageWide technology, the NeuraLabel 300x is capable of print speeds up to 20 inches per second (that’s over 100 letter size labels per minute).

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Legitronic Labeling Software
Weber's exclusive Legitronic Labeling Software makes it easy to create labels that include bar codes, graphics, text and lots of other features. A great value and easy-to-use for small companies to large corporations.

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Printer Repair Kits

Weber Label Printer Repair Kits

Keep your Zebra Thermal Label Printer running in top shape by installing one of our easy-to-use Repair Kits. The genuine Zebra pieces included in these kits are the standard maintenance parts - print head and platen roller kit - that will get your Zebra printer back to top form.

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