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Ribbons for Thermal-Transfer Label Printers

Go-Label has just about any kind of thermal-transfer ribbon you may need for your label production including economical, high-performance and extremely durable ribbons. Check out our complete line of wax ribbons, wax/resin combination ribbons, and resin ribbons to find the right size for your label printer brand. You'll find our prices are incredibly low and the ribbons are top quality. If you don't see what you need or have questions, please give us a call at 800-843-4242 and talk to one of our ribbon experts.

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Wax Ribbons - Economy Economy Plus Wax Ribbons Performance Wax Ribbons Fastprint II
Economy wax thermal transfer ribbons
Go-Mark 100 Economical Wax Thermal-Transfer Ribbons

NEW LOWER PRICES! Weber's Go-Mark 100 Economy Wax Thermal-Transfer Ribbons will save you big money but allow you to retain the high-quality printing that you need for your labeling operation. Best for basic labels with normal barcodes, larger text on coated and uncoated paper-based labels. Made in USA.

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Weber Cleanmark Economy Plus Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Cleanmark is our standard resin-enhanced wax formulation thermal ribbon that's perfect for printing when using Datamax, SATO and Zebra thermal label printers. These thermal ribbons are guaranteed to work effectively on all standard white paper-based labels listed on this site.

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Fastprint II thermal transfer ribbons
Fastprint II performance resin-enhanced wax thermal transfer printer ribbons

Fastprint II performance wax thermal transfer label printer ribbons are ideal for product identification, shipping applications, as well as compliance labeling. These ribbons produce high-resolution bar codes, text and graphic images on all blank or color paper labels listed on this site.

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Wax/Resin Ribbons Duraprint II Polytag Ribbons Resin Ribbons

Weber’s Duraprint II Wax/Resin Thermal-Transfer Ribbons

Weber’s Duraprint II wax/resin thermal-transfer label printer ribbons offer enhanced abrasion resistance on most thermal-transfer paper and film label materials at a very economical cost.

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Weber’s Duraprint II Polytag Ribbons

Recommended for use with poly tag label materials, our heavy-duty Duraprint II thermal transfer label printer ribbon is ideal for lumber tag labeling, outdoor or property/asset management labeling and other applications that require superior weather resistance.
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Weber’s Ultraplate II Resin Ribbon

Recommended for use with film label materials, our resin Ultraplate II thermal-transfer label printer ribbon – recognized by Underwriters Laboratories – is ideal for electronic component labeling, outdoor or property/asset management labeling and other applications that require superior abrasion resistance.

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Color Wax Ribbons
color wax printer ribbons
Color Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons

If you are looking to print a little color on your labels, try one of Weber's color wax thermal-transfer ribbons made for Zebra label printers. Now available in red, green, light blue and dark blue, these ribbons allow you to add a color to your text or graphic images on your labels.

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