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Zebra printer using thermal ribbons

Weber’s Duraprint II Wax/Resin Abrasion-Resistant Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Need abrasion resistance in your label application? Weber has the right solution! Weber’s Duraprint II wax/resin thermal transfer label printer ribbons offer enhanced abrasion resistance on most thermal-transfer paper and film label materials at a very economical cost. Duraprint II is highly recommended for drum labeling and other durable label applications.

  • Versatile - prints on a wide range of synthetics and papers
  • Produces dark black images with exceptional sharpness
  • Excellent scratch and smudge resistance
  • Resists chemicals for cleaning and manufacturing
  • Withstands high heat and steam
  • Endures outdoor exposure; carbon black is UV stable
  • UL and cUL recognition on specific label stocks
  • Anti-static formula and unique backcoat protects the printhead
  • Clean Start® built-in printhead cleaner maintains print quality
Recommended Label Stock
  • PP / Polypropylene
  • PE / Polyetheylene
  • PET / Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Polyimide
  • Vinyl

Duraprint Spec Sheet (pdf)

Not sure what ribbon to use? Need free ribbon samples to test with your label material? Give us a call today at 1.800.843.4242 or email us at [email protected].

For Datamax Printers For SATO Printers For Zebra Printers
Weber's Duraprint II Wax/Resin Ribbon for Datamax Printers

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Weber’s Duraprint II Wax/Resin Ribbon for SATO Printers

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Weber’s Duraprint II Wax/Resin Ribbon for Zebra Printers

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