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Weber’s Ultraplate II Max Abrasion-Resistant Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Recommended for use with film label materials, our heavy-duty resin Ultraplate II thermal transfer label printer ribbon – recognized by Underwriters Laboratories – is ideal for electronic component labeling, outdoor or property/asset management labeling and other applications that require superior abrasion resistance.

This ribbon provides imprinted text and bar code labels that can endure many years of exposure to heat, abrasion and repeated scanning. Ultraplate II also comes with the unique Clean Start™ feature; Clean Start acts like a printer cleaning card to remove print head debris. Available for Zebra, Datamax and SATO thermal label printers.

Compatible with film labels L6112 and L6327 listed on this site as well as all Weber brand Ultraplate material labels.

Not sure what ribbon to use? Need free ribbon samples to test with your label material? Give us a call today at 1.800.843.4242 or email us at [email protected].

Compatible Ultraplate Labels For Datamax Printers For SATO Printers
Gloss polyester film labels that are perfect for use with Ultraplate II ribbons

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Weber’s Ultraplate II High-Durability Ribbon for Datamax Printers

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Weber’s Ultraplate II High-Durability Ribbon for SATO Printers

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For Zebra Printers
Weber’s Ultraplate II High-Durability Ribbon for Zebra Printers

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